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Building Community through our Star Clubs



Developers increasingly invest in neighborhoods dedicated to holistic health and wellness–and the growing industry is worth $134 billion worldwide.

Live Your Best Life in a Residential Community Designed for You.

Imagine a residential community where you can

• walk down the trail to your neighbor’s house for a chat and borrow a book.

• attend community yoga and meditation every day in the local park

• let your children roam free, unhindered by hoards of traffic and shady individuals

• work from home – or anywhere in the community –  Wi-Fi network

• walk to retail stores, produce markets, the post office, and more

• make use of world-class athletic court like tennis center – within walking distance

Instead of struggling to find time to work, interact with your family, and get to the gym, your whole life – from your house to your career – is in an environment that weaves health and relationships into your everyday life. It sounds like a Utopia found only in fairy tales, but some real estate communities are making it their reality.

More than 300 cities around the U.S. and other areas of the world are being built specifically to promote wellness. From well-attended community events to real estate designed explicitly around farmers markets and parks, these cities have thought of everything. Although it sounds new-age and a little radical, is this where the communities of the future are headed?

Community Wellness Outreach

a more holistic approach to living. As more individuals seek out homes and neighborhoods conducive to their lifestyles, these architects design what is known as wellness lifestyle real estate. Wellness lifestyle real estate is defined by the Global Wellness Institute as “homes that are proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of their residents.”

Many of these homes boast large kitchens, designed to encourage groups to gather in the kitchen and help prepare meals from produce sourced locally. The housing styles also promote large front porches and living rooms explicitly created for entertaining neighbors and guests. While many homes today boast the smartest technology, many of these types of communities promote fast Wi-Fi to get your work done quickly and efficiently and still have time to connect face-to-face with others in your community.

LIFE FORCE Community Wellness 

Life Force Community collaboration and engagement are essential to bringing hope, health and new relationships to any community. The Life Force Wellness Outreach team With an office in the Clubhouse, strives to maintain a consistent and trusting presence in the community. They seek ways to partner with our community members and partners to reduce health and social care fragmentation and address the social determinants of health that affect health behaviors and influence health outcomes. 

Life Force Wellness Community

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Greenville South Carolina

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Life Force Community Project


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